What Should You Know About Micropenning?

Micropenning is one of many cosmetic treatments that are used to help combat the signs of aging. When this procedure is used, the body begins to create new skin cells and works to repair the damage the aging process has caused. Individuals need to make sure they learn all t about this treatment so they can make a sound decision on whether or not they should seek micropenning.

What Is Micropenning?

Micropenning is a procedure that involves the use of radio frequency energy. This treatment process using many fine needles to puncture the skin and create tiny wounds. As the minuscule wounds are produced by these facial treatments, the body goes to work on repairing and healing the skin, which creates a new skin texture.

This treatment helps to pump up collagen production and allows the body’s natural healing abilities to take over, so the skin is repaired of its damage and made to look much smoother and healthier.

Micropenning can be used to treat lines and wrinkles and has even shown promising results in treating scarring. The effect of having micropenning carried out is much smoother, and more toned skin.

What Can Individuals Expect From Treatment?

The micropenning device contains numerous fine needles that are injected into the skin, only about three millimeters deep. Once the needles are in the skin, the radio frequency waves send pulses of heat energy deep into the skin cells to promote healing of the tissues and increased collagen production.

Each treatment will last about thirty minutes. Most people do not experience any major pain, but redness is common. The needle holes that are created on the face are so minute, individuals cannot see them, even when looking up close. This procedure helps to aerate the skin and begins to heal it from the inside out.

This procedure offers impressive results that help to moisturize and replenish the skin. There is no downtime from the process, and most people will be able to go back to their routine right after treatment. Visiting http://www.Alchemy43.com helps individuals to discover more about what this treatment can do.

If you are interested in this breakthrough treatment and would like to learn if you are a good candidate, contact Alchemy 43 to learn more. They will be happy to schedule your appointment so you can undergo your micropenning treatment or other treatments they have available. With micropenning, your skin will look amazing.

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